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Professor Joern  Rittweger

Professor in Human Physiology

Teaching Specialisms

  • Clinical Exercise Physiology; Space Physiology

Research Interests

  • - Bone biology in ageing and disuse - Gravitational physiology - Musculoskeletal adaptations to disuse - Master Athletes - Vibration Exercise

Professional Highlights

  • Principal Investigator in the long term (3-month) bed rest study in Toulouse (2001-2002) - Scientific co-ordinator of the (3-month) Berlin BedRest Study (2003-2004) - Chair of the Ethics committee of the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at Manchester Metropolitan University from 2005 to 2008 - Chair of the Faculty Ethics committee at Manchester Metropolitan University from 2007 to 2008

Recent External Roles

  • - Associate editor of the 'Journal for Musculoskeletal and Neuronal Interactions' since 2007 - Head of the division for Space physiology at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) since 2009 - Professor at the University Cologne since 2010

Selected Publications

Cardinale, M., Rittweger, J.. Vibration exercise makes your muscles and bones stronger: fact or fiction? J Brit Menopause Soc 12(1), 12-18 (2006).

Stewart, C.., Rittweger, J.. Genetic influences on adaptive processes in skeletal muscle. J Musculoskel Neuron Interact 6(1), 73-86 (2006).

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Berger, N.A., Rittweger, J., Kwiet, A., Michaelis, I., Williams, A.G., Tolfrey, K., Jones, A.M. Pulmonary O2 uptake On-Kinetics in Endurance- and Sprint-Trained Master Athletes. Int J Sports Med 27(12):1005-1012 (2006).

Rittweger, J., Belavy, D., Hunek.,P Gast,U., Boerst, B., Feilcke, B., Armbrecht, G., Mulder, E., Schubert, H., Richardson, C., de Haan, A., Stegeman, D.F., Schiessl, H., Felsenberg, D.. Highly demanding Resistive Vibration Exercise program is tolerated during 56 days of strict bed-rest. Int J Sports Medicine. 27(7), 553-559 (2006)

Rittweger, J.. Can exercise prevent osteoporosis? J Musculoskel Neuron Interact 6(2), 62-166 (2006).

Rittweger, J.. What is new in neuro-musculoskeletal interactions? J Musculoskel Neuron Interact 6(2), 191-194 (2006).

Mulder, E.R., Stegeman, D.F., Gerrits, K.H.L., Paalman, M.I., Rittweger, J., Felsenberg, D., de Haan, A. Strength, size and activation of knee extensors followed during 8 weeks of horizontal bed rest and the influence of a countermeasure. Eur J Appl Physiol 97(6), 706-715 (2006)

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Rittweger, J., Winwood, K., Seynnes, O., de Boer, M., Wilks, D.C., Lea, R., Rennie, M.J. Narici, M.. Bone Loss from the Human Distal Tibia Epiphysis during 24 Days of Unilateral Lower Limb Suspension. J Physiol 577(1) 331-337 (2006)

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Belavy, D.L., Richardson, C.A., Wilson, S.J., Felsenberg, D., Rittweger, J.. Tonic to phasic shift of lumbo-pelvic muscle activity during 8-weeks of bed rest and 6-months follow-up, J Appl Physiol 103(1) 48-54 (2007), PMID: 17303707

Rittweger, J, Felsenberg, D., Maganaris, C., Ferretti, J.L.. Vertical jump performance after 90 days bed rest with and without flywheel resistive exercise, including a 180 days follow-up. Eur J Appl Physiol 100(4) 427-436 (2007)

Belavy, D.L., Richardson, C.A., Wilson, S.J., Rittweger, J., Felsenberg, D. Superficial lumbo-pelvic muscle overactivity and decreased cocontraction after 8 weeks of bed rest. Spine 32(1) E23-E29 (2007)

Mulder, E.R., Gerrits, K.H., Kleine, B.U., Rittweger, J., Felsenberg, D.F., de Haan, A., D., Stegeman. High-density surface EMG study on the time course of central nervous and peripheral neuromuscular changes during 8 weeks of bed rest with or without resistive vibration exercise. J Electromyogr Kines 19(2):208-18 (2009) PMID: 17560125

Hides, J.S., Belavy, D.L., Stanton, W., Wilson, S.J., Rittweger, J., Felsenberg, D., Richardson, C.A.. Magnetic Resonance Imaging assessment of trunk muscles during prolonged bed rest. Spine 32(15) 1687-1692 (2007)

Rittweger, J.. What is new in neuro-musculoskeletal interactions: Mechanotransduction, microdamage and repair J Musculoskel Neuron Interact 7(2), 191-193 (2007).

Mulder, E.R., Kuebler, W.M., Gerrits, K.H., Rittweger, J., Felsenberg, D., Stegeman, D.F., de Haan, A. Knee Extensor Fatigability after bed rest for 8 weeks with and without countermeasure. Muscle & Nerve 36(6) 798-806 (2007) PMID: 17661376, DOI 10.1002/mus.20870

Pavy-Le Traon, A., Heer, M., Narici, M.V., Rittweger, J., Vernikos, J. From Space to Earth: Advances in human physiology for twenty years of bed rest studies. Eur J Appl Phyiol 101(2) 143-194 (2007) PMID: 17661073

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What have we learnt so far? J Musculoskelet Neuron Interact 8(2):174-178 (2008)

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