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  • E202 John Dalton Building, Manchester Campus
  • Monday 11-12, Thursday 11-12, Friday 11-12
  • Who am I?

    Why do I teach?

    I feel it is important to develop research-led teaching, I bring a lot of my current research in epigenetics and neuroscience into the classroom. I further also research aspects of historical genetics to feed into my lectures.

    I have published a book “The Power of the gene” aimed at delivering the concepts of human medical genetics to the general public, using famous examples and historical aspects. Murgatroyd C. The Power of the Gene: The Origin and Impact of Genetic Disorders. Nova Science Publishers, Inc.; 1 edition (April 1, 2010).

    I maintain a website delivering the basics of clinical genetics www.powerofthegene.com

    I edit a series of special issues in the Elsevier journal “Gene”, titled “Historical Medical Genetics” drawing on my interest in developing research-led teaching bringing my academic roles into the classroom.

    How I’ll teach you

    I deliver lectures, tutorials and practical classes in genetics, cellular and molecular biology and neuroscience to under- and postgraduate students studying biology or biomedical science. I am unit leader for Physiology of Aging (Unit 6H6Z1011). I support Molecular Biology 3rd yr and MSc Projects in genetics, epigenetics and neuroscience.

  • Academic Biography

    Academic and professional qualifications

    Diplomas, Academic training:

    • Doctorate (Dr. rerum. Naturalium - magna cum laude); Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich, (Germany), 2000-2005 Thesis: Impaired repression of a vasopression promoter polymorphism in a rat model of trait anxiety and depression.
    • MSc Medical Genetics; Department of Human Genetics, University of Newcastle, 1997-1998 Thesis: Alpha-synuclein polymorphisms in Lewy body dementia.
    • BSc Genetics; Swansea University, Wales (UK), 1994-1997 Thesis: Inheritance of plant height and branching in Pelagonia

    Professional Certificates:

    • Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP); Manchester Metropolitan University, 2014.
    • FELASA-B (Federation for European Laboratory Animal Science Associations) animal license for injections/biopsies/blood measurements/collection; Gesellschaft für wissenschaften Tierschutz, Munich, 2010

    Previous Employment

    • 2011-2013: Lecturer; School of Healthcare Science, Manchester Metropolitan University
    • 2005-2011: Postdoctoral Research Associate; Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich
    • 1999-2000: Research Assistant; Department of Human Genetics, University of Newcastle 

    Other academic service (administration and management)

    GMO officer

    Neuroscience group leader


    English and German

  • Teaching & Research Supervision

    Undergraduate courses

    Level 4 Units: Biomolecules, Cells and Microorganisms (6F4Z1004_1314_9Z6); Genetics, Adaptation and Diversity (6F4Z1003_1314_9Z6); Biomedical Science (6H4Z1004_1314_9Z6)

    Level 5 Units: Techniques and Applications in Molecular Biology (6F5Z1001_1314_9Z6); Cellular Science (6H5Z1002_1314_9Z6)

    Level 6 Units: Genetics, DNA and Disease (6H6Z1005_1314_9Z6); Physiology of Ageing (6H6Z1011_1314_9Z6); Project (Healthcare Science) (6H6Z1001_1314_9Z6); Human Neuroscience (6H5Z1013_1314_9Z6); Recent Advances in Biomedical Research, 6ABM7135; Exercise prescription Disease Processes (6H5Z1007_1314_9Z6) 

    Postgraduate teaching

    Genetics and Molecular Science (6ACP7149_1314_9); Biological Aspects of Disease (6ABM7102_1314_9); MSc projects

    Postgraduate supervision (completed/in progress)


    Steven Bradburn - Molecular mechanisms underlying age-related cognitive decline (Funder MMU studentship award). Degree awarded 2016.

    Reema Saad Alyamani - Role of nutrition in a maternal depression. (Funder: Saudi Embassy). Sep 2015 - Sep 2018.


    Laura Smith – Oxytocin regulation in maternal care.

    Jennifer Shackleton – Telomere length in sperm. Degree awarded 2016

    Usman Khalid - Oxytocin regulation in a model of Williams Syndrome. Degree awarded: Sep2015

    Mohammad Taliefar - Neuroendocrine regulation in a rodent model of Maternal Depression. Degree awarded: Aug2015

    External examiner roles

    External examiner, Coventry University

    Theme panel member for the Biochemical Society

    Society Memberships: Theme panel member and local ambassador for the Biochemical Society International Society for Neurochemistry Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie European Neuropeptide Club Epigenetics Society British Society for Neuroendocrinology

    Editorial Duties: Gene, editorial board member; BMC Research Notes, editorial board member; Gene - Special Issues, Historical Medical Genetics I & II, Guest Editor

    Reviewer: grant applications for numerous funding bodies. Reviewer of manuscripts for numerous International high ranking Journals

  • Research Expertise, Publications & Grants

    Research expertise

    Study of gene-environment interactions in early-life ageing. I work on mouse and rat models and human cohorts following early-life environmental exposures and study the epigentic mechanisms underlying programming of long-term gene regulatory changes.

  • Awards, Honours & Distinctions

    Expert reviewer for external funding bodies

    Funding bodies: MRC, BBSRC, ESRC, NERC, NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada), NWO (Dutch Research Council)

    Journals: (>40) including Nature Neuroscience, Molecular Psychiatry, Neurology. I usually review around 12-15 a year.

    Editiorial Board membership

    Editorial review boards of: BMC Research Notes (2011-) Frontiers in Epigenomics (2012-) Gene (2013-)

    Guest Editor of; Historical Medical Genetics I, Elsevier, Gene (pub.2013), Historical Medical Genetics II, Elsevier, Gene (pub.2014) Historical Medical Genetics III, Elsevier, Gene (exp.pub Feb 2016).

    Membership of professional associations

    Biochemical Society (member of the Panel and also act as an ambassador)

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie

    European Neuropeptide Club

    Epigenetics Society

    British Neuroendocrine Society

    ISN International Society for Neurochemistry.